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Zamna Music Festival Moved To April

Afterlife x Zamna Tulum

Pack your bags for Tulum because the Zamna Music Festival is the place to be!

The renowned festival will take place between the 4th of April and May 2nd, 2021.

If you plan to head to Mexico for one of the best music festivals, all the information you need to consider before booking your flight to this paradise destination is below.

What is Zamna?

Zamna is multi-day music electronic festival. It hosts multitudes of events every year. The most popular events are hosted during the first weeks of the year. The venues are divided into three sections; the Mia Beach club, The Pool Stage, and the Island. Every night new stages emerge to host the most renowned artists in the industry.

Tale of Us playing in Zamna, January 2020.

Track ID: The World Returns - Innellea

Credit: Zamna Tulum

COVID-19 Response

There is a possibility that the Mexican government could close down the clubs if determined unsafe for large gatherings. However, Tulum has been open throughout the summer of 2020. There is no COVID-19 protocol available to the general public at this time, but the Zamna Festival will be operating at a limited capacity. Quintana Roo - the Mexican state in which Tulum is located - mandates civilians and tourists to wear masks in public spaces, but allow private facilities to implement their own mask-wearing codes of conduct.

Who To Expect

Zamna promises a lot of talented artists for this 2021 edition. The opening parties on New Year Eve and New Year Day will feature a wide variety of talents, from Agents of Time, Audiofly, DJ Tennis, to Fideles and many more. You can also expect appearances from renowned artists such as Black Coffee, Luciano, ARTBAT, Hernan Cattaneo, Damian Lazarus, Dixon, or Tale Of Us.

The ticket prices are ranging from $70 for general admission to $300 for VIP sections.

If you don't want to miss out on this event, you can purchase the last tickets here.

Zamna will continue announcing expecting performing artists as the event date approaches.

Follow Zamna Tulum on Instagram for more updates.

ARTBAT playing at Zamna Tulum.

Track ID: Closer - ARTBAT, WhoMadeWho

Credit: Zamna Tulum

The Vibes

The town of Tulum is considered a “luxury stay” for tourists and is inspired by the upbeat, yet chill New York City scene. Many who are seeking to slip away have taken advantage of the town’s preserved Mayan ruins, beaches, delicious restaurants/food stands, and shopping plazas. The Zamna Festival is the opportunity of a lifetime for electronic music lovers to connect. Even if you are new to the genre, this festival promises fun for all participants. The club is located in a jungle and around a cenote.

Final Thoughts

If you plan to book a flight to Tulum, Mexico this April/ May, be prepared for a music-packed, nature-filled week.

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