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Barcelona Hosts 5,000 Person Event Without Social Distancing

On Saturday, 5,000 people attended a music concert with no social distancing restrictions at Barcelona's Palau Sant Jordi venue. The event was a pilot test to examine the viability of producing notable cultural events without COVID-19 outbreaks.

Image: The Economic Times

Everyone who attended had to provide a negative coronavirus test at the entrance and get their temperature taken. Once inside, attendees were required to wear high-quality face masks granted by the organizers. People were able to dance and mix freely without any further restrictions.

Those attending were able to pick from three Barcelona sites where they could receive a rapid antigen test on Saturday morning. Those with a negative result were sent a code to their phone, which validated their ticket for the night.

"We were able to evade reality for a while. We were inside our small concert bubble. And we were even able to remember back in time when things like this one were normal. Things that nowadays aren't that normal, sadly." said Jose Parejo, one of the attendees.

Everywhere else across Spain, indoor gatherings are limited to four people.

The concert was supported by the Fight Aids and Infectious Diseases Foundation, which organized a minor pilot test event back in December, which provided no new COVID-19 infections thanks to the use of pre-screening antigen tests and required face masks.

" We expect it to be completely safe. Over the next 14 days, we will look at how many of the audience test positive for COVID and will report back." stated doctor Josep Maria Llibre about this past weekend's event.


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