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Barcelona Nightclubs Test Out “100% Covid-Free System” for Indoor Venues

Venues in Barcelona and along the Costa Brava area are excited to begin pilot tests in numerous indoor venues in the hopes of proving that indoor nightlife can safely resume under strict health and safety requirements.

Image: Nel Photography

With the pandemic inching closer to a year, questions surrounding the future of clubbing and nightlife have become more and more obscure. Fortunately, the International Nightlife Association (INA) never stopped searching for a solution and potentially answered our prayers! The INA partnered with SeiXsein Europe, a company specialized in biosafety, to provide a formula that guarantees indoor spaces 100% free of the virus.

This formula is more efficient than the vaccine and would allow for clubs and restaurants to reopen at full capacity, without the need for masks and social distancing. The system will be applicable worldwide and could be a step in the right direction for public health in general. It includes prior testing, explicit contact tracing, and a non-transferable QR code using the Liberty Pass APP to gain entry to venues. Additionally, installing devices to eliminate 100% of the COVID-19 virus and all its mutations from indoor spaces' air and surfaces.

Image: Oriol Reverter

Joaquim Boadas, the General Secretary of the INA and Spain Nightlife announced: “Nightlife and restaurant venues can be perfectly adapted to the current crisis and are capable of functioning without putting clients and workers risk at stake. Many venues have been closed for a year now and many are in a critical state and at risk of disappearing permanently, an industry that is so important for tourism around the world and in dire need of reactivating the global economy. For this reason, we ask for governments to sit down with our industry and work on the reopening of the industry and the recovery of tourism and the economy by conducting pilot testing in venues and allowing for the industry to prove it can coexist with the pandemic”.

Carmen Alvarez, the CEO of SieXsein Europe said: “At SieXsein we have been working since the start of the pandemic to find the formula that is best to reactivate and reopen the industries that have been most hit by the pandemic. I have been very fond of the nightlife and restaurant industry and consider that it has been left completely abandoned during this crisis and it’s a personal mission for me to reach the new normal as soon as possible and reactivate the restaurant and nightlife economy and tourism worldwide. Reaching this agreement with the nightlife industry will allow for the best solutions in biotechnology to be applied all around the world and recuperate the economy and general well being of people”.

Could enforcing COVID testing to access venues drive a big portion of the population to get tested when they wouldn’t otherwise?


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