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Printworks Presents Inkwell: A New Edition to the Venue

London's iconic venue, Printworks, due to reopen on September 17th with a three-day weekender, unveiled a new room at the venue's heart, underneath the club's main hall.

Image: Printworks

The third space, dubbed Inkwell after being initially used as a giant ink tank storage, adds an extra 5,000 person capacity dance floor.

With its low ceilings and concrete pillars, Printworks's new room will naturally retain the industrial and raw aesthetic of the rest of the site. It will also be enhanced by specially designed lighting and ranging sound systems.

This edition adds even more excitement to the long-awaited Printwork's grand reopening since they first announced it back in March. The club's three-day Redacted event marks the official start of the Autumn/Winter 2021 Season, followed by a Drumcode event in October to celebrate the label's upcoming 'Re:Generate' release.

Printworks sets to announce their definitive opening weekend lineup tomorrow, Tuesday, August 10th. Friday and Saturday night tickets already sold out, but Sunday tickets are still available here.


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