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The Impact Of COVID-19 In Europe

Loco Dice playing at Nordstern Basel in July 2020.

Credit: Nordstern Basel

In a world that rarely sleeps, Europe's nightlife has seen a catastrophic hit to their club scenes. With the widespread of COVID-19, the industry has seen worldwide restrictions and lockdowns. While the pandemic has decimated some scenes, many countries have reacted differently to the virus than others. Many citizens in these countries have shrugged off restrictions altogether. Some have also turned to outdoor raves to keep the party going and allow their participants to lose some steam.


The lockdown of Great Britain has had a significant impact on the club scene in Ibiza. This Spanish Island, which has usually been the center of the nightlife industry, is now following one of Europe's hardest quarantines. Though it's open to tourists, dancing is currently off-limits. To put another nail in the coffin for the industry, no venue can stay open past 2 AM. As the world capital of clubbing, Ibiza has taken the hardest hit in the industry.

Circoloco Founder, Antonio Carbonaro standing on top of DC-10 which was closed during the whole summer for the first time since its opening in 1999.

Credit: CircolocoIbiza


For a while, Italy was the epicenter of everything that could go bad with COVID-19. While most clubs in Italy have been closed due to the pandemic, the nightclubs with open-air facilities have been given the green light to reopen. While 20% of these clubs have reopened, many have done so at a reduced capacity. We’ve seen clubs such as Clorophilla Club or Phi Beach Club host the biggest artists such as Peggy Gou, Black Coffee, Ilario Alicante or Marco Carola.

Marco Carola playing at Villa Delle Rose in August 2020

Track ID: Rise - Soul Providers (Bini + Martini Main Vocal Mix)

Credit: Niccolo Vivarelli


The Swiss have taken a unique approach to reopen their clubs and festivals to people. Using the platform Smeetz, they adapt to the pandemic by using digital tickets, which have been used by over 75,000 club patrons. It's free to use for nightclubs and allows the tracing of people by creating attendee lists with a collection of phone numbers. Also, capacities up to a 1,000 people can open their doors. The country have hosted festivals such as Caprices Festival or Polaris Festival which attracted many big names like Luciano, Damian Lazarus or Dixon. Other clubs like Nordstern Basel, Supermarket, and Audio Club have reopened their doors with limited capacity and curfew in place.

Adriatique playing in Nordstern Basel in August 2020.

Track ID: The Sound of Violence (Franco Cinelli Version) - Cassius

Credit: Nordstern Basel

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