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Club Space Returns As Miami Nightlife Resumes

The Green light

Miami, a nightlife center and live music hub, leads the charge to open its bars and clubs’ doors amid the COVID-19 pandemic. With the green light from Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, Famed Club Space among other Miami music bars, are given permission to operate at 50% capacity. As the entertainment industry seeks economic relief, nightlife culture as we know is altering to accommodate new COVID-19 compliant protocols and procedures.

Club Space Returns

For 17 years, the nightclub has been the go-to venue for rave enthusiasts across the American nation. Club Space is one of the many businesses challenged by COVID-19 to adapt to a heavily digitized platform during the pandemics’ first wave. The Club has sought to keep its raving reputation lively by live streaming “Space Yoga” and workout camps during the heat of the pandemic through Facebook and Youtube. Club Space also hosted live streams showcasing big DJs such as Marco Carola or DJ Tennis. Club Space’s doors officially reopened on Saturday, October 10th, 2020, for a night showcasing the Martinez Brothers.


Despite the noise of social media critics, Club Space is encouraging its supporters to visit the club, which intends to operate at 25% capacity. If you plan to head out to Club Space, check out the guidelines and protocols they will adhere-to below.

What To Expect As Nightlife Resumes

Reserved Zones Club space has sectioned off “reserved zones” for groups of peers to congregate. Strangers are not encouraged to intermingle with others in different reserved zones.

Mask and Temperature Checks All clubbers will have temperatures taken before entering the complex. Participants are mandated to wear masks at all times, except when you are in your designated reserved zone.

Interior Modification Club Space recently added new plants and shrubbery to the complex. Club Space will look different from how you last remember.

Bar Service Club space is terminating all traditional bar service and will instead receive and deliver drink orders from each participant’s designated reserved zone.

Sanitation Club Space has yet to release club and restroom sanitation guidelines. Customers are promised a “squeaky clean bathroom.” Multiple hand sanitation stations will be strategically placed throughout the complex.

Physical Contact It has been deemed unsafe to exchange high-fives, among other forms of physical contact with other participants. Space Invaders are encouraged to “wave, smile, wink, and serve jazz hands” to fellow aliens.

Check out the new layout below.

A Hopeful Conclusion

Club Space, despite criticisms and mixed feedback, is leading the American underground dance scene amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The fate of underground music has been uncertain as many entertainers and artists are eager to return to performing in front of live crowds. This post concludes with an optimistic message from Club Space to its Space Invaders:

“Dear Space Invaders,

We have missed you so much. It has not been easy without you. It brings us so much joy to have the opportunity to adapt to this new world and get you back home. We were born to rave, to love each other this way. To feel the music moving our bodies and rippling underneath our skin. Every smile we share to reach the morning’s embrace will always be taken with the utmost appreciation. Please follow all the protocols that we have set to make our home a safe place to dance. We love you and feel your love. Our gratitude is unwavering through space and time. -From Miami With Love”

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