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Party-Protest Across Europe During Lockdown

Credit: Dan Billinghurst

Though the governments are enforcing lockdowns, it's not stopping the party. Across Europe, many outdoor raves and parties have started despite the ban on mass gatherings. While some call it rebellion, those who go to these parties see it as a part of their identity that can't be banned. After all, social distancing is useless at a rave or club. Many countries and European cities like Berlin have seen thousands of people at some of these raves as citizens and tourists alike are dancing under the open skies.

Berlin outdoor rave during the summer.

Track ID: Domino - Oxia

Credit: Nakadia

Each participant has their own motivations for attending these outdoor gatherings. Some gather in necessity for human companionship. Others gather for the festivities. But many gather to support the movement #SaveOurSceneUK. Save Our Scene is a unified stance to support the entertainment, nightlife, rave, and music industry. This sector is hit the hardest due to the Coronavirus pandemic shutting down of night clubs, festivals, and venues.

According to The Guardian it is reported that 170,000 jobs in the live music industry will be lost. Many musicians, technicians, distributors, and freelancers are being shut in the dark, wondering when financial relief will be available. The UK music scene contributes billions of pounds to the economy. Many freelance artists are ineligible to receive financial aid, even though they have contributed to collections of this money with their years of work and servitude. Grace Flynn, when commenting on a fundraiser to bring awareness to the impact of COVID-19 on the music and entertainment industry, stated:

Today is all about raising awareness and asking the government to give the much-needed support to our sector.

The music industry is the sector that affects everybody.

Imagine a life without music.

Imagine a life without the radio.

Imagine a life without art.

It just wouldn't be the same.

Yet, since the beginning of the Coronavirus, the government has failed to acknowledge us and has completely neglected our major contributions to the industry.

An industry that gives billions each year to the UK government.

We are here to tell them that this is not good enough. We are standing together to demand change.

Many musicians are unsure when their next paycheck is in sight, and some resort to selling instruments to make ends meet. As the government twiddles its thumbs and attempts to silence the music, many are standing up in protest.

As people protest and join together to #SaveOurSceneUK, this has led to the criminalization of unlicensed raves. In the UK, the nation's closing has seen many of these "free parties" closed down as well. Despite criticism, these outdoor raves and protest have brought people together not just to dance and enjoy rave culture, but in the sense of solidarity in protest. This new addition to rave culture is spreading fast in Europe. The joy of this rebellion is bringing forth a unique collective of party-goers dancing under the sky. We can only hope the governing forces can see the efforts and hear the voices of the people.

Save our Scene demonstration in London.

Credit: Josh Parkinson

Dixon b2b Ame DJ playing at a demonstration in Berlin

Credit: Michiwoky

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