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Spain Expected to Welcome Tourists Starting June

Image: Ushuaïa Ibiza

Last Friday, Spain’s tourism minister, Reyes Maroto, stated that she believes tourism will be resurrected in June, once the digital green certificate becomes operational. The QR code will validate that the person in question has received a vaccine or has recently had a negative test result.

With the certificate and the country’s vaccination program, Maroto guarantees “safe mobility as of June.” Tourism is a significant part of Spain’s economy, and its leaders are doing everything possible to reopen foreign travel as soon as possible.

The government is currently working with the main tourism markets in preparing destinations for the return of travelers this summer. The country aims to position itself as a safe travel destination, and with its new initiative, tourism could open both for its mainland and islands, including Ibiza.

Reyes Maroto emphasizes that “The most important thing is to build trust, and this trust is gained by fighting the pandemic and by vaccinating, vaccinating, vaccinating…”


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