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5,000 Person Barcelona Trial Concert Passes The Test

Spanish researchers stated that there is no evidence that a recent 5,000 person concert caused a higher level of COVID infection among attendees.

Image: City Hall in Barcelona

Back in March, Barcelona hosted a music concert at the Palau Sant Jordi venue. The event was a pilot test to explore different possibilities for producing notable cultural events during these unprecedented times.

Although attendees were required to provide a negative test before entering and wear a mask, there were no social distancing restrictions.

Six individuals who attended the event tested positive within the two following weeks. However, researchers found that this infection rate was half the degree people of this age became infected in Barcelona during that period.

"There is no sign that suggests transmission took place during the event." explained infectious disease specialist Doctor Josep Maria Llibre. Experts deduced that four of the six people were infected outside the event, concluding that the concert was not responsible for the infection. Therefore, the pilot test was successful in its goal: to prevent COVID-19 outbreaks.

This is great news for our Spanish party-goers! Additionally, the government is currently working with the main tourism markets in preparing destinations for the return of travelers this summer, which is expected to start as early as June.

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